Interim Talent

Top Manager's Guide to Filling Critical Gaps in Your Organization with MetaExperts™

Interim Talent: Top Manager's Guide to Filling Critical Gaps in Your Organization with MetaExperts™

Many businesses suffer from certain expertise gaps that require the appropriate talent solution to fill. Without the right solution, these companies are likely to continue struggling to maximize their revenue and ROI. However, with ample experience, expertise, and knowledge backing them, companies are now more likely to get over the hurdles they'll face.

Big Performance Gaps in Your Organization Call for a Radical New Approach

The fact is that the average organization wastes as much as 30 to 70% of every dollar spent running their business. That's equivalent to taking 30 to 70 cents of every dollar that you've earned and simply tossing it in the trash.

In most cases, the organizational response to performance gaps, inefficiencies, and waste—if they're recognized at all—is to hire a consultant or a team of new executives and managers to execute plans for improvement. However, consultants often take many months to properly assess and indicate what to do and how to do it. Hiring a new executive takes months to achieve, requiring organizations to onboard and bring them up to speed before they can begin executing a change.

In lieu of consultants and executives that can take months to achieve results, work with MetaExperts™ interim talent. Talent that can implement change within days. MetaExperts™ have the ability to immediately jump in and address challenging situations and get results quickly. With the help of MetaExperts™, you'll achieve the results you need when you need them.

What Is Interim Talent and Is It Right for Your Business?

Unlike hiring a new employee, interim talent is shorter-term and not permanent. It can be engaged on a full-time or part-time basis or over weeks or months, depending on how long you require their services. Additionally, interim talent can also be fractional, which means you only pay these professionals for the days or hours required on less than a full-time basis.

Interim talent frequently occupies temporary senior roles and/or acts as a veteran expert or thought leader in your industry. As such, this talent can guide you in the right direction without any long-term commitment or liability on your end.

Interim Talent vs. Direct Hire

A recent SHRM study found that 68% of HR professionals are experiencing difficulty recruiting candidates for full-time (i.e., permanent) positions in their organizations. A direct hire is what we typically think of as a permanent position in a company, as someone who receives everything from a desk and business cards to a steady paycheck and benefits. If you know your organization requires long-term seasoned professionals to strengthen the core of your business, a direct hire may be a viable option.

On the other hand, direct hiring suggests you are fully committed, because these hires are more likely to stick with you for the long run. If investing in long-tenured employees is important to you in running your organization, it makes sense to opt for direct hire acquisition. This will enable you to mold specialized talent to fit into your company culture over a period.

While a direct hire may be in your best interest in certain situations, there are other options available to you. If you are thinking about bringing on new talent without spending a fortune, and you want to maximize your company's progress toward objectives in a limited period, interim talent acquisition may be ideal.

Interim talent has helped many businesses save money and time by filling gaps that held them back. For example, a consumer goods manufacturer wanted to downsize their facility footprint while weighing multiple options to achieve operational excellence. To achieve these goals, the company required extra arms and legs to help downsize, outsource, and specialize internal departments and areas. With the help of interim talent, the company saw $1.9 million in cost savings.

Another company, a major medical supply manufacturer, needed to transition its logistics and shipment operations to an external third-party provider. This is because they experienced heavy process overlap, inbound order discontinuities and exceptions, and production flow obstruction from space constraints due to shipment and manufacturing activities taking place in the same facilities. With the help of MetaExperts™, this manufacturer benefited from the help of a 3PL provider and overall improvement, increasing same-day shipments by 3.6 times.

Is Interim Talent the Same as Consulting?

Interim talent is different from consulting. Consultants are often perceived as experts in a particular field or industry, and they can enlighten management about the various ways to enhance a company's operations. Consultants are paid for their time spent advising and guiding organizations. Thus, they often try to sell more consulting and generally focus on what to do as opposed to actually getting it done during their engagement. 

Conversely, interim talent pros like MetaExperts™ are focused on getting results every day, just as you would expect from your key employees. Consultants may offer helpful advice on what needs to get done, but interim talent goes beyond merely offering advice. Interim talent will get their hands dirty and perform the necessary actions themselves.

The fact is that interim managers are doers who can get directly involved in your organizational problems and provide rapid solutions for them. They'll also act quickly without being bound to a branded methodology or consulting statement of work. They work to get the job done and ensure it's done right.

Now that you know about the advantages of working with interim talent, let's discuss the potential risks involved.

What are the Risks of Interim Talent?

When working with interim talent, there aren't many risks. When working with the interim talent available from MetaExperts™, you'll enjoy far less risk associated with this approach, compared to traditional direct hires or consultants. If needed, MetaExperts™ can work with you immediately after the interview. 

In addition, you can see results from MetaExperts™ within the first few days, not weeks. This is because our interim talent consists of doers, not mere consultants.

How are MetaExperts™ Unique in the World of Interim Talent?

Each industry is unique, and the devil is in the details when mission-critical action is needed. To give you everything you need, MetaExperts™ interim talent is available with the skills, experience, and expertise required in every industry and any type of company. MetaExperts™ has helped hundreds of firms across a wide variety of industries. We can easily count more than $1 billion in bottom-line results over our long history with customers.

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The average MetaExpert™ brings over 15 years of practical “get it done” experience to your organization, while offering the right attributes and traits needed to get the job done

What are the Benefits of Using MetaExperts™ as Interim Talent?

Integrated Policy Management

MetaExperts™ are ready to get to work as soon as you want them to begin producing results. Highly experienced MetaExperts™ have achieved fast results in many situations, including those like yours.

World-Class Experts

The expertise of MetaExperts™ is carefully aligned with your unique needs. MetaExperts™ interim talent solutions typically entail knowing the ins and outs of your situation to effectively resolve the issues you're experiencing.

Ideal ROI & Affordability

MetaExperts™ cost much less than consulting firm rates, and you don't need to commit to a large minimum purchase up front. In turn, you'll get things done right the first time with the help of dependable experts.

Low Risk

The cost of a bad hire is as much as 30% of the employee's first-year earnings, according to data from the U.S. Department of Labor. You can hire MetaExperts™ when and where you need them, and without any need for a permanent commitment. 

What Level of Expertise and Experience Can I Expect from MetaExperts™?

MetaExperts™ serves as the best possible talent resource for your project and budget. All MetaExperts™ are assessed through a rigorous 300+ evaluation and screening process, which ensures qualification to be certified as MetaExperts™. All MetaExperts™ are classified and aligned with your project according to their skills and experience. As a result, you benefit from the kind of expertise you need to overcome your unique organizational challenges.

Meet The MetaExperts™

Depending on your individual requirements, you can work with a team of experts in several key areas. Our MetaExperts™ team consists of:


Transformation Architects bring more than 20 years of experience, specific skills, industry knowledge, and understanding of the “C suite” challenges of solving difficult organizational problems. They achieve this by leveraging their vast experiences and top facilitator skills. 

These highly skilled experts are the best choice when you need to solve the most challenging business problems. They're also ideal when you require the ability to formulate an enterprise-level strategy and connect it to the best tactical actions.

You can expect a 10 to 1 (or higher) return on your investment with this type of expert.


Master Experts are top talent with over 10 years of experience, along with a deep knowledge of technical skills and your industry. Because of this unparalleled expertise and experience, these experts can quickly solve your operational excellence problems. These exceptionally skilled individuals are absolutely qualified to handle a variety of organizational problems, such as putting troubled programs back on track, leading large teams in transformation efforts, and providing “masters-level” analysis and mentoring for improvement projects.

When failure is not an option and you need experts who have “been there, done that” many times in their careers, these experienced professionals are in their element.


These best-in-class Experts have 5 to 10 years of practical experience backing them, along with the skills needed to step in overnight as part of your team. When you don't require another consultant, and you just need to "Get It Done NOW" with 'arms and legs' on tactical initiatives, the Expert Level is optimal.

Experts roll up their sleeves and dig into the heavy lifting of analysis and implementation of the block-and-tackle tasks to get results quickly. If your budget is a primary consideration, the Expert is a great choice.


The MetaExperts™ Analyst has worked in a variety of positions with one or more years of experience in operational excellence as a greenbelt or equivalent ranking. In addition, the Analyst will bring a solid academic background and years of experience to provide you with the support you need.

Analysts are great when you need support with “boots on the ground” for block and tackle analysis. They're also ideal if you need documentation at the point of attack at the lowest rates. They have excellent skills in creating and analyzing value stream maps, developing documentation, creating standard work, conducting procedures, editing, and formatting.

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What is the Cost of Using MetaExperts™?

MetaExperts™ interim talent solutions normally cost far less than consulting firm rates, and you'll never need to commit to a large minimum purchase up front. When hiring MetaExperts™, you will get things done right the first time, without the need to spend a fortune on finding the right people for your needs through direct hires or do-nothing consultants.

You’ll enjoy an enhanced ROI through fast solutions and without issues associated with typical consultants or hire-and-hope employees.

What Are the Steps to Get Started with a MetaExpert?

Engaging a reliable MetaExpert™ takes no time at all. You can easily find the right MetaExpert™ to meet your unique needs by taking the following three steps:

We align your situation with one or more highly skilled MetaExperts™

We aim to pair you with the right experts from the start, using our 47+ Client Alignment Process to pinpoint your organization's requirements for success, your company culture, the skill level you need, and budget considerations.

We select the right MetaExpert™ candidate from a database of more than 900 thoroughly vetted international experts.

Our MetaExperts™ undergo the same "300+ Screening and Evaluation™" process, which ensures you get the skills you require. Only the best become MetaExperts™. During the screening and evaluation process, we assess skills based on proven examples, conduct a thorough work history review, and make sure experts have the necessary educational credentials.

We deploy MetaExperts™ in a matter of days to give you the best solution when you need it.

When a MetaExpert™ becomes a part of your organization, you'll benefit from a team of Master MetaExperts™ and Transformation Architects who have ample experience in a wide range of industries. In the process, you'll get the solutions you need as soon as you need them.

By taking these steps, you'll be able to connect with the MetaExpert™ that's just right for you, based on your organization's specific requirements. Each expert will provide you with the skills you need for your unique situation as they work to get results fast.

Each expert will be able to provide you with the skills you need for your unique situation as they work to get results fast.

With one phone call, email or clicking a link to schedule a time to speak with the MetaExperts™ sourcing expert. You are just minutes away from getting your improvement initiative started or re-energized.

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With one phone call, email, or clicking a link schedule a time to speak with the MetaExperts™ sourcing expert. You are just minutes away from getting your improvement initiative started or re-energized.

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