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MetaExpert Helps a Call Center Go Lean for Big Savings


A call center was nearing the end of their State contract, with only 1 year remaining. The scope of the contract represented 20% of health insurance members.


MetaExpert implemented a Value Stream Analysis to identify areas of waste within the call center that were a detriment to customer satisfaction, costing the organization money, and slowing down their processes. MetaExpert’s analysis revealed that:

  •  85% FCR resulted in activities having to be routed to multiple areas within the organization.
  • 1/6 of these activities aged longer than 30 days resulting in significant member dissatisfaction.
  • Several projects were underway within claims escalations, but none would solve the root cause.
  • Waste in the process included up to 35% misrouting, and 25% first pass yield costing the organization $0.5M.


With MetaExpert’s expertise in lean methodology, she was able to guide the call center to develop and award a new contract retaining an astounding $5B in revenue over the course of 5 years.

There were some costs associated with implementing MetaExpert’s plan. Overall, the process cost 1000 overtime hours and a $5,500 investment in facilities, totaling $25,500. However, those initial investment costs are a mere fraction of the annual cost savings of the call center due to their leaner, more efficient processes. MetaExpert’s meticulous efforts resulted in an annual savings of $1,600,000 after process redesign and an additional $800,000 from the financial analysis.

Return on Investment

By bringing in a MetaExpert, this call center was able to see an unprecedented return on their investment with a total annual cost savings of $2,400,000. In addition to extensive financial cost savings, MetaExpert also provided the call center with tangible operational efficiencies to include:

  • Increased call center capacity 16%
  • Average activity age reduced 30 to 2 days
  • Simplified handling of service exceptions
  • Eliminated escalations
  • Attrition rate reduced 16% to 7%

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