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A customer in the automotive industry had an excessive number of customer corrective actions at the customer assembly plant. There were 11 issues on one line and almost 80 corrective actions on another line. They did not have efficient processing or proper controls caused by the failure to follow the basic quality systems.


Anthony, the MetaExpert, worked with the customer for almost three years to eliminate the systematic issues and establish a working quality system. Anthony began by considering the risks and the failures modes, and then continued on to:

  • Develop the process flow for the system.
  • Develop the PFMEA.
  • Develop the control plan from which to withdraw the instruction.
  • Create a cross-functional team requiring production people and maintenance people.
  • Discuss with other experts to make the procedure more understandable to the human mind.
  • Put together a procedure that was launched across the whole plant, started with the 11 corrective actions.
  • Migrate the system to the line with 80 corrective actions.


After launching the procedure in both lines experiencing customer issues, the automotive company saw outstanding results almost immediately after the procedure was effected.

  • The line with 11 corrective actions went 117 days without any problem.
  • The line with 80 corrective actions went for 170 days without any problem.
  • This translated to almost six months without the company experiencing any issue.
  • Anthony helped create two proper lines for the customers, becoming the best supplier.

Return on Investment

  • The organization went for a significant period without experiencing any customer issues.
  • Customer loss was minimized due to proper customer lines.
  • The formal customer complaint was solved.
  • A common customer issue, faced by most automotive companies, was solved.

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